Welcome to the XR Pixel Penguins

The Genesis NFT Collection from DriftxChange on the XRPL

Setting the scene…

The year is 2050 and the location is Ice Station X-Ray in the heart of the the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.

It’s been 10 years since the last of the ewemans left through the ice wall into the ‘Lands Beyond.’

Admiral Byrd had been right, lands larger than the continental USA had been identified by the Elon Explorer in 2036. Mass hysteria had ensued as people rushed for any floating vessel to make the journey to these new lands.

One World Order Cutters were constantly picking up stranded ewemans on pallet boats, inflatable paddle boards and tree trunks. The scenes were quite something as 500,000,000* million earthly inhabitants paddled, fought and swam their way to the promise of salvation. This global exodus event even included 48 families of Polar Bear immigrants who fancied a new life ‘down under’. 

Ice Pirates made the journey even more arduous. The Pirates plundered phones loaded with ISO20022 coins/tokens ( The only method of digital payment from 2030) from the social butterflies so intent on retaking their ‘Berg Selfies’ they missed the bearded buccaneers in solar powered subs popping up next to them.

There were Entrepreneurs too. They had floating hot dog and burger boats with extras like waterproof phone cases, parka jackets and berg fridge magnets rinsing the last elements of greed and gluttony from the armada of consumers floating past.

This chaos lasted for 4 years until almost all of earths eweman population had passed through the hole in the ice wall.

Before leaving all possessions were dumped into a vast chasm that some say housed the Nazi UFO base.

Now all that remains is one small research facility inside a shipping container.

It’s manned by 3 criminally insane scientists who were left behind when a chunk of frozen oxygen fell from the firmament blocking their path to Schwabs Utopia ( The ex WEF founder bought the naming rights to the new world)

The insanity had set in because they no longer need sleep, that was programmed out of humans with the creation of transhuman Ewemans in 2025. This ‘Woke’ situation fuelled with their constantly looping Flat Earth debate had driven them to the point of ‘Full on Crazy’

The transition into insanity was completed with one last thing…

Their diet is made up entirely of cheese!

One of the giant Entrepreneur vessels had hit an iceberg and ran aground near the research container. It contained 1.32 tonnes of processed burger cheese. This had been partly salvaged into the far end of the container and morning, noon and night they have 6 slices each washed down with a cup of melted snow.

The Polar Bear immigrant families are partial to a slice of cheese with their Penguins so a round the clock watch is necessary to maintain their safety and that of their cheese supply.

The scientists rotate between counting cheese slices to ensure no one has stolen any ( trust and truth was outlawed in 2023), looking out of the window in case of Polar Bear or Penguin attacks and making pictures using Johnny Aged 3’s ( It says his name on the container) square lego blocks sourced from the side of the chasm.
The Penguin inhabitants of Antarctica have found many cool items in the  possessions left by the ewemans and waddle past on a daily basis wearing a stylish collection of Hats, Scarfs and Glasses. It’s not uncommon to see a Polar Bear picking a stand of wool from it’s teeth. 

The XR Pixelated Penguins are NFT representations of these crazy birds as designed by the DriftxChange duty lego designer some time in the future.

If you are still reading this you are as crazy as us and you need to be rewarded!

Each XR Pixelated Penguin NFT will come with a random amount of DRIFT tokens when they launch on XRPL this summer. 

*The 278th Vaccine had been issued by the Georgia Guidestone Big Pharma Inc had been a tremendous success failure as 10 Billion people had contracted the fatal Sniffly Sneezes Virus.