Community FAQ


This page is dedicated to answer the questions most frequently asked by community members. There

are countless amazing features, so feel free to use this as a resource as enhancements are made to

different activities and games.



The Basics


1. How do I buy $DRIFT?

You can purchase $DRIFT and $DRIFTX through all major Stellar Network swaps. A full list of links

can be found here: https://www.driftxchange.com/access-points


2. What is the Issuer address of $DRIFT?



3. What is the Issuer address of $DRIFTX?



4. What is the difference between $DRIFT and $DRIFTX?

$DRIFT is the primary reward and utility token in the DriftXChange ecosystem. $DRIFT is used to

purchase digital collectibles, participate in exclusive auctions, participate in gamefi, and utilize as

an exchangeable token with high liquidity on the Stellar Network.


$DRIFTX is a community-only token with limited supply (88,800 maximum supply before

scheduled quarterly burns) that is designed to be held as a longer-term “HODL” asset on the

Stellar Network. “Community-only” means that there are no allocated tokens to the project’s

marketing, founder, advisors, freelancers, artists, or other community members who provide

value/work for compensation and such individuals will need to use their own personal funds if

they wish to purchase $DRIFTX tokens. All tokens in circulation are for community-benefit. The

$DRIFTX token is not utilized for specific auctions or gamefi, but it is a liquid asset that can be

swapped/traded on the Stellar Network.


5. What is DRIFTX 02 and how do I get DRIFTX 02?

DRIFTX 02 is the supplemental digital collectible token in the DriftXChange ecosystem. The only

ways to obtain DRIFTX 02 is through the purchase of specified digital collectibles and through

participation in community activities that are deemed value-added by the social media team.

DRIFTX 02 is utilized for special auctions with a chance at a lucky dip in $DRIFT.


6. Where can I find DriftXChange on Social Media?

DriftXChange is on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. A full listing of links can

be found on our website: www.DriftXChange.com


7. Where can I find info about the tokenomics of $DRIFT?

You can find the information here: https://www.driftxchange.com/tokenomics-drift


8. Where can I find info about the tokenomics of $DRIFTX?

Please see the DriftXChange Medium Article for May 5 th , 2022 about $DRIFTX to learn everything

about the tokenomics of the token.


Collectible and NFT Incentives

1. As of the beginning of each month, members of the community can purchase digital collectibles

on Litemint using $DRIFT or any other Stellar currency (which is automatically converted to

$DRIFT using Litemint’s SDEX).


2. $DRIFT proceeds from collectibles sales are burned on a weekly basis, making $DRIFT a

deflationary token by nature.


3. Each digital collectible has two benefits:


a. Comes with a guaranteed amount of DRIFTX 02 tokens (in the description of the


b. Weekly DriftX02 distributions (randomly) each week for the specific calendar month.

The early you own the collectible, the more DriftX02 you will receive.


4. On a weekly basis (randomly), DRIFTX 02 tokens are airdropped accordingly based on who has

the Digital Collectibles for the month. Wallets that hold multiple copies of the same collectible

are not eligible to receive multiple sets of DRIFTX 02. Limit one set of DRIFTX 02 per wallet.


5. Each month, multiple auctions will be available for a chance at a lucky dip. These auctions are

only utilized through using DRIFTX 02 tokens.


a. NOTE: Since DRIFTX 02 is a digital collectible token, 1 DRIFTX 02 will be displayed as

“0.0000001 DRIFTX 02” just like any other digital collectible. This valuation methodology

is utilized on the Stellar Network.

b. If you wanted to bid 7 DRIFTX 02 on the auction, you would put “0.0000007” as your

DRIFTX 02 auction bid on Litemint.


6. At the end of the week, one of the NFTs won at auction will be randomly selected to come with

a Lucky Dip. This value may increase based on the participation rate of digital collectibles.


Community Liquidity Pairings

1. Each month, DriftXChange will establish and/or maintain liquidity incentives with different

projects on the Stellar Network.


2. Currently, DriftXChange has one community liquidity partner as of May 1 st :



3. The incentive rewards structure in partnership liquidity pools are simple – you will generally

receive the same or very similar value of both $DRIFT and the partner token on a daily basis.


4. Your incentive rewards received are based on your proportional value of the liquidity pool.


a. For example: The member with 2.3% of the liquidity pool will receive 2.3% of the daily

incentive rewards, while the member with 0.2% of the liquidity pool will receive 0.2% of

the daily incentive rewards. Rewards are proportionate to LP participation.


5. Weekly rewards are provided on a random basis, meaning that they can be received anytime

between 00:01 UTC and 23:59 UTC each Sunday. These snapshots are not taken at the same

time on a weekly basis, to reduce the risk of manipulators of scheduled rewards.


Monthly Hodler Rewards

1. Each month, a random snapshot is taken of all wallets holding $DRIFT.


2. At the end of the month, tiered rewards are calculated and determined based on how much

$DRIFT is being held.


3. As of April 2022, the minimum balance of $DRIFT required to be held in your wallet to qualify for

the Hodler reward is 300,000 $DRIFT. Any changes to the rewards will be announced via official

social media channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium Article) before the next month that

the changes take effect.



XTreme Crew

1. XTreme Crew is an exclusive club level within the DriftXChange community that provides

unparalleled rewards to those who are lucky enough to be a part of it.


2. Information and estimated value of all the features that come with being an XTreme Crew

member can be found here: https://www.driftxchange.com/xtreme-crew

3. To join the XTreme Crew, simply win the auction for one of the legacy game piece NFTs and

you’re now a part of the crew.

4. You must hang onto your XTreme Crew NFT to remain in the club.


5. The Discord secret XTreme Crew chat is where additional information will be provided on

upcoming games and benefits. Reach out to Ben or Phil to be added to the secret Discord chat.