Phil (PngX) - Founder & Designer


Phil is a Graphic & Visual Designer from London, England and has many years experience in Arts and Design. 

Phil is a huge believer in the Stellar Network and NFT Space and created this hybrid project DriftXchange with the community and Artists in mind.   

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Ben - Lead Educator


Crypto Podcaster and Educator. Founder of Bull Ring Crypto in 2017.

Hyper Focused on #NFT #DeFi #GameFi

Lead Educator @ Lumenswap, Education and Gaming @ DriftxChange

Innovation Lead @ Vengeance Gaming


Community Education @ Rabet Wallet

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Sir Cheesely  - Project Manager


Sir Cheesely is an NFT Artist on the Stellar Network known for Lite Cheese on Litemint. Sir Cheesely has assisted and advised on multiple projects like Lumenswap, JPEG, and a few others.


Sir Cheesely is a huge supporter of innovation on Stellar, and hopes to bring new and exciting ideas to the Network through fun and exciting partnerships.

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Andrew Dixon (Ink) - Art Committee


Andrew Dixon, Cartoonist and Painter with commercial illustration experience and education. NFT's being his main focus for the future of Comic Books and Digital Art mediums.

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DroidINX - Art Committee


DroidINX are a highly Advanced Race of Cybernetic Organisms. Long ago we evolved into life and then later into Droids on our home world of Sovima_Hex. 

We thrived as a species developing more and more technologies which we traded and shared and our civilisation gradually prospered from. 

Eventually tragedy befell our beloved home Sovima_Hex, The advent of the Exiom War which spilled over into our peaceful solar system laying waste to everything in its wake - our planet was sadly destroyed. 

Following this tragic event the small group of surviving Sovima_Hex Droids start- ed anew as nomadic traders traveling the stars. For millennia we have wandered, supplying our knowledge and Droid constructs to many welcoming inhabited sys- tems. 

We have seen many wonderful things on our Stellar journey but nowhere quite like this beautiful blue planet called Earth. We have found a welcome here like no other, our work has been recognised and appreciated very quickly, so we have chosen to stay and have our Orbital Factory produce more Droid Units to assist and entertain the inhabitants of this incredible place. 

We feel welcome here. 

Be Proud. Be Droid. Continue.

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Nettie Bella - Art Committee


Nettie is a self taught digital artist who began her artistic journey at the age of 18. Her main inspirations come from the 80’s retrowave art style which can be visible in some of her art pieces. 

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Seymour - Art Committee


Seymour began his artistic journey on the streets painting graffiti sometime around 2007. Today he makes a living with the spray cans painting murals for businesses and individuals, as well as designing the odd logo, painting the occasional canvas and generally just having a go at stuff. Having dabbled in digital art over the years, the acquisition of an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil in late 2020 bought about a deep immersion into drawing digitally and, when he isn’t painting or playing with his two children, he can now regularly be found hunched over the iPad scribbling away and concocting some kind of visual nonsense.

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Jack (Lumenator) - Art Committee & Admin


Florida, USA

Stellar maximalist,

NFT collector and artist,



DeFi degenerate,

proud husband and father of two wild monkeys.

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Harley (Glo) - Lead Street Team


Missouri, USA

Reddit Manager for Lumenswap

Social Media Manager for Driftxchange

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

Stellar Wizard with over 4 years of experience in Crypto specializing in Defi and NFTs.

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Sussana (Spartan) - Street Team


From Melbourne Australia

I'm the Instagram manager for lumenswap

The twitter manager for chives blockchain

The community manager for yetiswap on avalanche, and a very big defi enthusiast


Went to Canberra University Australia

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Jenna - Street Team


Jenna is a crypto junkie

Part of the LumenSwap team

Bloom Puzzles NFT Marketing team

Jenna X podcast

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Jay Fig - Admin


I’ve been in crypto for 2 years now, my hobbies include helping people, learning new skills and information, playing games such as PC and Xbox to dungeons and dragons. My background is in salesforce and administration work and I’m excited to leverage my skill in any shape or form. I’ve decided to start making my own art again to look back upon to see how my skill can progress over time. My favorite quotes are by Terence McKenna.

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Grant (Odin) - Admin


Hi my name is Grant AKA Odin.

I have well over 20yrs experience in the Hospitality industry covering varied sectors such as Startup innovations, operations, leadership, marketing, coaching/mentoring and of course my passion coffee roasting.  I enjoy promoting and encouraging positive attributes in people.  I have had a keen interest in crypto for many years and I like where the Stellar blockchain is heading. I also enjoy playing Assassins Creed Valhalla.

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Fergal - Admin


Location Ireland

I come from an IT background and discovered crypto a number of years ago ,I have been following the stellar ecosystem since it’s inception ..

I run stellar Ireland on Twitter,a community Twitter account , that has over 1350 followers ,which has been running over 2 years and has grown organically.

My involvement with stellar based projects includes being a :

-Verified litemint artist.

-Nuna SAF resident.

-Jpegdao committee member.


-Public node member.

-SCF verified panel member.

-Stellar global admin.


-Gnawbears team member .

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Zach (Your Moms Travel Agent) - Admin


California, USA 


Travel agent by trade but turned into a crypto enthusiast in the last couple years. ISO20022 maximalist & NFT collector. Proud supporter of cross chain collaboration & interoperability. Found Stellar DeFi thru Ben & Glo on CT & YouTube last year..the rest is history 


Excited to be an Xscout sourcing the top art & artists from other chains (XRP, XDC, HBAR, SGB to name a few).

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